Our History

In 2004 a simple 1200 square foot space became the home of “Sami’s It’s a Wrap Inc.,” – better known as Sami’s Kitchen. The newly renovated expansion of our facility is in a diverse and ever-growing industrial neighborhood of Mississauga. Sami and Hala had love and dreams and the expertise to launch what has grown to be a very successful restaurant and family favourite for all of our patrons.

Our Family

Sami’s Kitchen is operated by George and Hala Rabba working alongside a small team of dedicated staff.  At our core, we’re “family first” in the way we serve, the values we hold dear and the very operation of our day to day business. Sami’s Kitchen is owned and operated by our family for nearly 15 years and going strong!

George Rabba, Sami and Hala’s son, is GM and director for , Sami’s Mobile Event Team as well as our newly launched catering service which provides  the warmth and comfort of “homemade” with the convenience of someone else’s kitchen, for up to 1000 guests.

Our Food

Using the freshest locally sourced ingredients and family recipes that cross generations, we provide quick, healthy and delicious meal options at fair prices.  Everything is proudly made from scratch, with Mama Hala’s high standards and love.

We can accommodate a variety of special requests including Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian options. Considerations are available for those with dietary restrictions and food allergens. Simply inform us of any special needs at the time of ordering and we’ll provide a wide variety of great tasting options and alternatives.